Camera Trap Tech Symposium

Photo credit: WildWatch Kenya

Camera Trap Tech Symposium

Following our successful web conference series for camera trap computer vision, Rutgers University, Google Earth Outreach, Microsoft AI for Earth, and San Diego Zoo Global were honored to host a symposium for the entire camera trap community.

With an aim to address big data backlogs, species identifications, and camera trap hardware needs, presenters and attendees discussed the advancement of citizen science and the challenges of resource management, compared various software and workflows, demonstrated new equipment and wireless communication systems, and shared innovative AI models that identify both specific species and individuals.


November 7th & 8th, 2019. Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA.


Symposium Videos


Prithvi Raj Narendra (Appiko)


The following software was presented at the symposium:

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Attendee List

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Don’t forget to check out our camera trap resources guide, which provides a deeper dive into our symposium topics, for both beginners and experts alike.

Thank you to our sponsors and organizers:

As well as:

  • Tanya Birch (Google)
  • Mathias Tobler (SDZG)
  • Lucy Fortson (UMN)
  • Sara Beery (Caltech)
  • Trevor Hebert (Stanford)
  • Alex Jones (UCSC)
  • Vaughan Williams (UCSC)
  • George Lane (Qualcomm)
  • Josh Hammond (LMSD)

  • Ariel Hammond (Rutgers / SDZG)
  • Michael Lesk (Rutgers)
  • Dan Morris (Microsoft)
  • Susan E. Townsend (W.E.C.)
  • Talia Speaker (WildLabs)
  • Stephanie O’Donnell (WildLabs)
  • Jorge Ahumada (Conservation Int.)
  • Eric Fegraus (Conservation Int.)
  • Robin Allen (R.A. Photography)

And all of our presenters and attendees!

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